Newtonmas 2015

Merry Newtonmas!

I’ll leave up my poll a bit longer, but the results are already looking pretty consistent.

A strong plurality of my readers have PhDs in high energy or theoretical physics, a little more than a quarter. Another big chunk (a bit over a fifth) are physics grad students. All together, that means almost half of my readers have some technical background in what I do.

In the comments, Cliff suggests this is a good reason to start writing more technical posts. Looking at the results, I agree, it looks like there would definitely be an audience for that sort of thing. Technical posts take a lot more effort than general audience posts, so don’t expect a lot of them…but you can definitely look forward to a few technical posts next year.

On the other hand, between people with some college physics and people who only saw physics in high school, about a third of my audience wouldn’t get much out of technical posts. Most of my posts will still be geared to this audience, since it’s kind of my brand at this point, but I do want to start experimenting with aiming a few posts to more specific segments.

Beyond that, I’ve got a smattering of readers in other parts of physics, and a few mathematicians. Aside from the occasional post defending physics notation, there probably won’t be much aimed at either group, but do let me know what I can do to make things more accessible!


4 thoughts on “Newtonmas 2015

  1. Wyrd Smythe

    Happy Newtonmas!

    I may not be able to follow everything in your technical posts (I read Jester and Sabine, so I’m used to that), but I’m sure I’ll enjoy what I can pull out of them. I’d rather be challenged by a big meal I can’t finish than spoon-fed in drips and drabs (which is what nearly all pop science outlets seem to do these days; I like that you don’t).



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