New Guide, Taking Suggestions

Hello readers!

Some of you have probably read the guide to N=4 super Yang-Mills theory linked at the top of my blog’s home page. A few of you even discovered this blog via the guide.

I’m thinking about doing another series of posts, like those, explaining a different theory. I’d like to get an idea of which theory you guys are most interested in seeing described. Whichever I choose, it will be largely along the same lines as the N=4 posts, so focused less on technical details and more on presenting something that a layman can understand.

Here are some of the options I’m considering:

  • N=8 Supergravity: Very broadly speaking, this is gravity’s equivalent of N=4 super Yang-Mills. It’s connected to N=4 in a variety of interesting ways, and it’s something I’d like to work more with at some point.
  • The (2,0) Theory: This was the motivation behind my first paper. It’s harder to explain than some of the other theories because it doesn’t have an easy analogy with the particles of the real world. It’s also even harder to work with, to the point that saying something rigorous about it is often worthy of a paper on its own.
  • String Theory/M Theory: This is a big topic, and there are many sites out there already that cover aspects of it. What I might try to do is look for an angle of approach that others haven’t covered, and try to explain some slightly more technical aspects of the situation in a popularly approachable way.

I could also give a more detailed description of some method from amplitudeology, like generalized unitarity or symbology.

Finally, I could always just keep posting like I have been doing. But this seems like a good time to add to my site’s utility. So what do you think? What should I talk about?

4 thoughts on “New Guide, Taking Suggestions

  1. Jeff

    Discussing your experiences in academia and the theories you find yourself working with, is a good bet. Maybe you could even discuss papers you’ve worked on? You have always written (and orated) at your best when you have a strong, personal connection to what you’re talking about.


    1. 4gravitonsandagradstudent Post author

      Actually, I’ve got a paper coming out pretty soon that I plan to take a post or two to talk about. This is more about establishing some reference material, resources that I or others could refer to in future posts.


  2. JollyJoker

    (2,0) would be interesting. “The Emperor Palpatine theory” 🙂

    N=8 SUGRA would probably be easiest to write something about that a layman would understand?

    It would obviously be very interesting if you could approach it from an angle that hasn’t been done before.

    Oh, just do them all!


  3. msp4102

    Difficult choice to make, because I’d be interested in reading any one of these options. I would put (2,0) at the top of the list. But I believe that amplitudeology methods would be best in terms of utility and reference benefits.



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