At a Pedagogy Course

I’m at a pedagogy course this week. It’s the first time I’ve taken a course like this, and it has been really interesting learning about different approaches to teaching (which, as I keep being reminded, is very different from outreach!). It’s also really time-consuming: seven hours of class a day, with readings and lecture prep in the evening. As such, I haven’t had time to do a full blog post. Next week I’ll likely post some reflections about the course. Until then, here’s a slide from the practice lecture I gave:

3 thoughts on “At a Pedagogy Course

  1. Phil E Cannata

    This is a topic of special interest to me. I’ve been trying to find a way to teach QFT to high school students in a way that conveys the real essence of the topic, not a high level (mostly inaccurate) gloss like one finds in most books on the NYT best-seller list on this or similar topics.


    1. 4gravitons Post author

      It’s tough! I think the best one can do is bits and pieces, but I have seen a few people succeed in special cases. A few mentors in Perimeter’s International Summer School for Young Physicists have covered a bit of QFT for advanced high school students (or maybe I’m misremembering and it was GR instead), and I have a reader who’s working on a QM textbook for early-undergraduate readers that has a few QFT chapters in the back.



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