Caltech Amplitudes Workshop, and Valentines Poem 2014

This week’s post will be a short one. I’m at a small workshop for young amplitudes-folks at Caltech, so I’m somewhat busy.

(What we call a workshop is a small conference focused on fostering discussion and collaboration. While there are a few talks to give the workshop structure, most of the time is spent in more informal discussions between the participants.)

There have been a lot of great talks, and a lot of great opportunities to bond with fellow young amplitudeologists. Also, great workshop swag!

Yes, that is a Hot Wheels Mars Rover

Yes, that is a Hot Wheels Mars Rover

Unrelatedly, to continue a tradition from last year, and since it’s Valentine’s Day, allow me to present a short physics-themed poem I wrote a long time ago, this one about the sometimes counter-intuitive laws of thermodynamics:

Thermodynamic Hypothesis

A cold object, like a hot one, must be insulated

Cut off from interaction

Immerse the subject in a bath of warmth

And I reach equilibrium

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