The Amplitudes Revolution Will Not Be Televised (But It Will Be Streamed)

I’ve been at the Simons Center’s workshop on the Geometry and Physics of Scattering Amplitudes all week, so I don’t have time for a long post. There have been a lot of great talks from a lot of great amplitudes-folks (including one on Tuesday by Lance Dixon discussing this work, and one on the same day explaining the much-hyped amplituhedron). Curious folks can follow the conference link above to find videos and slides for each of the talks, arranged by the talk schedule.

I’ve made some great contacts, picked up a couple running jokes (check out Rutger Boels’s talk on Monday and Lance’s talk on Tuesday), heard the phrase “only seven loops” stated in relative seriousness, and heard the story of why the conference ended up choosing an artist’s conception of the amplituhedron for the workshop poster, which I can relate if folks are especially curious.

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