Where are the Amplitudeologists?

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times before, I’m part of a sub-field of theoretical physics called Amplitudeology.

Amplitudeology in its modern incarnation is relatively new, and concentrated in a few specific centers. I thought it might be interesting to visualize which universities have amplitudeologists, so I took a look at the attendee lists of two recent conferences and put their affiliations into google maps. In an attempt to balance things, one of the conferences is in North America and the other is in Europe. Here is the result:

The West Coast of the US has two major centers, Stanford/SLAC and UCLA, focused around Lance Dixon and Zvi Bern respectively. The Northeast has a fair assortment, including places that have essentially everything like the Perimeter Institute and the Institute for Advanced Study and places known especially for their amplitudes work like Brown.

Europe has quite a large number of places. There are many universities in Europe with a long history of technical research into quantum field theory. When amplitudes began to become more prominent as its own sub-field, many of these places slotted right in. In particular, there are many locations in Germany, a decent number in the UK, a few in the vicinity of CERN, and a variety of places of some importance elsewhere.

Outside of Europe and North America, there’s much less amplitudes research going on. Physics in general is a very international enterprise, and many sub-fields have a lot of participation from researchers in China, India, Japan, and Korea. Amplitudes, for the most part, hasn’t caught on in those places yet.

This map is just a result of looking at two conferences. More data would yield many places that were left out of this setup, including a longstanding community in Russia. Still, it gives you a rough idea of where to find amplitudeologists, should you have need of one.

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