Shout-Out for a Fellow Blogger

This is a blog about explaining science. Science is for everybody!

In particular, science is not just for geeks/those into geek culture. Nevertheless, I’m willing to bet that a substantial fraction of you are into something nerdy, whether sci-fi, fantasy, or one of the many genres and subgenres that have sprung up in the crazy genre jungles of the internet.

As such, some of you may be aware of Geek and Sundry, the Felicia Day-headed geek media mini-empire. They’re adding a set of new Vloggers (like bloggers but with video), and they’re running a contest to determine their lineup. And of these Vloggers, you should definitely vote for Kiri Callaghan.

I know Kiri as a kickass director from way back when I used to do community theatre stuff. These days, she’s running an extra-mini geek media empire of her own, centered around her blog. This blog somehow manages to update every weekday (and used to update every day), which as someone who updates once a week I can tell you is physically impossible, especially while also holding down a real job which she apparently does. She almost certainly owns a Time Turner or something.  So yeah, very impressive, and the high quality nerd stuff attached (check out some of her parody songs, in particular I Dreamed a Dream of Firefly) adds to the picture.

So for those in the audience who are into this sort of thing, vote for her! Comment on the video (apparently the scoring for this stage is based on interaction with commenters)! Join the facebook group to keep tabs on the competition!

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