Who Am I?

I call myself a String Theorist, someone who describes the world in terms of subatomic lengths of string that move in ten dimensions (nine of space and one of time),

But in practice I’m more of a Particle Theorist, describing the world not in terms of short lengths of string but rather with particles that each occupy a single point in space,

More specifically, I’m an Amplitudeologist, part of a trendy new tribe including the likes of Zvi Bern, Lance Dixon, Nima Arkani-Hamed, John Joseph Carrasco (jjmc on twitter), and sometimes Sheldon Cooper,

In terms of my career, I’m a Graduate Student, less like a college student and more like an apprentice, learning not primarily through classes but rather through working to advance my advisor’s research,

And what do I work on? Things like this.

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