Amplitudes 2016

I’m at Amplitudes this week, in Stockholm.


The land of twilight at 11pm

Last year, I wrote a post giving a tour of the field. If I had to write it again this year most of the categories would be the same, but the achievements listed would advance in loops and legs, more complicated theories and more insight.

The ambitwistor string now goes to two loops, while my collaborators and I have pushed the polylogarithm program to five loops (dedicated post on that soon!) A decent number of techniques can now be applied to QCD, including a differential equation-based method that was used to find a four loop, three particle amplitude. Others tied together different approaches, found novel structures in string theory, or linked amplitudes techniques to physics from other disciplines. The talks have been going up on YouTube pretty quickly, due to diligent work by Nordita’s tech guy, so if you’re at all interested check it out!

3 thoughts on “Amplitudes 2016

    1. 4gravitonsandagradstudent Post author

      If you’re interested in a talk that showcases amplitudes being useful and doing something powerful, then Vladimir Smirnov or Babis Anastasiou’s talk would be a good choice. (If you’ve seen any of last year’s talks, Anastasiou’s covers a lot of ground that was covered last year so it’s more skippable). For an outsider, Simon Caron-Huot’s talk is probably the most self-contained.



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