It Was Thirty Years Ago Yesterday, Parke and Taylor Taught the Band to Play…

Just a short post this week. I’m at MHV@30, a conference at Fermilab in honor of Parke and Taylor’s landmark paper from March 17, 1986. I don’t have time to write up an explanation of their work’s importance, but luckily I already have.

It’s my first time visiting Fermilab. They took us on a tour of their neutrino detectors 100m underground. Since we theorists don’t visit experiments very often, it was an unusual experience.


In case you wanted to know what a neutrino beam looks like, look at the target.

The fun thing about these kinds of national labs is the sheer variety of research, from the most abstract theory to the most grounded experiments, that spring from the same core goals. Physics almost always involves a diversity of viewpoints and interests, and that’s nowhere more obvious than here.

5 thoughts on “It Was Thirty Years Ago Yesterday, Parke and Taylor Taught the Band to Play…

  1. Thorsten

    can you ask Nima to upload his slides maybe? 😉 apparently no video tapes are taken, so slides are the only info one can grasp from the outside.. I d like to read more about the binary amplituhedron.


  2. Wyrd Smythe

    So that’s what a neutrino beam looks like! I’ve always wondered. 🙂

    Speaking of Nima Arkani-Hamed, I recently watched this lecture:

    Much of which went completely over my head, but what I got was fascinating. Amplitudedrons have just been a word to me so far; now at least I have a dim sense of what’s involved.

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