A Note on Blogging Style

So I’ve come to realize that my blog posts have a somewhat odd format for a science blog, in that I tend to use paragraphs of only one or two sentences, with important points in bold.

While I somehow had the impression that this was a common style in science blogging, I haven’t seen it elsewhere, and a few weeks ago I figured out where it comes from: it’s the same style I use when writing D&D optimization handbooks.

In that field (if I may call it a field), it’s a fairly common writing style. It works well for its target audience, with short paragraphs to appeal to short attention spans and bolding to isolate the elementary concepts behind rules and advice. Liberal application of links and references then allows the reader to check up on the topic, each time increasing their knowledge of the subject’s wider context.

All of these seem like perfectly good things to cultivate in a science blog too!

My style may evolve over time, but I definitely think this is a good place to start. If you don’t like it, though, feel free to comment! If I’m not communicating with my readers, I’m not accomplishing very much, now am I?

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