Poll: How Do You Get Here?

I’ve been digging through the WordPress “stats” page for this blog. One thing WordPress tells me is what links people follow to get here. It tells me how many times people come from Google or Facebook or Twitter, and how many come from seeing a link on another blog. One thing that surprised me is that some of the blogs people come here from haven’t updated in years.

The way I see it there are two possible explanations. It could be that new people keep checking the old blogs, see a link on their blogroll, and come on over here to check it out. But it could also be the same people over and over, who find it more convenient to start on an old blog and click on links from there.

WordPress doesn’t tell me the difference. But I realized, I can just ask. So in this post, I’m asking all my readers to tell me how you get here. I’m not asking how you found this blog to begin with, but rather how, on a typical day, you navigate to the site. Do you subscribe by email? Do you google the blog’s name every time? RSS reader? Let me know below! And if you don’t see an option that fits you, let me know in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Poll: How Do You Get Here?

  1. vampyricon

    I put down other because I recently (last-week recently) decided to have your blog on a phone browser tab permanently.

    Previously I just waited until someone linked one of your posts on Twitter and started reading the backlog and clicking on any interesting links I see in the process.


  2. Dan Varnam

    I “get here” by an email alert. It serves the purpose both of keeping me in touch with your latest update, and of telling me the weekend has begun! 🙂


  3. Jacob Bourjaily

    I was going to ask about how to subscribe to email updates, but then I found the check-box below the posting form. So problem solved.

    However, I’d suggest that you make a devoted way to “subscribe here for updates” 😉 .

    Keep up the awesome work.

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