Four Gravitons in China

I’m in China this week, at the School and Workshop on Amplitudes in Beijing 2016.


It’s a little chilly this time of year, so the dragons have accessorized

A few years back, I mentioned that there didn’t seem to be many amplitudeologists in Asia. That’s changed quite a lot over just the last few years. Song He and Yu-tin Huang went from postdocs in the west to faculty positions in China and Taiwan, respectively, while Bo Feng’s group in China has expanded. As a consequence, there’s now a substantial community here. This is the third “Amplitudes in Asia” conference, with past years meeting in Hong Kong and Taipei.

The “school” part of the conference was last week. I wasn’t here, but the students here seem to have enjoyed it a lot. This week is the “workshop” part, and there have been talks on a variety of parts of amplitudes. Nima showed up on Wednesday and managed to talk for his usual impressively long amount of time, finishing with a public lecture about the future of physics. The talk was ostensibly about why China should build the next big collider, but for the most part it ended up as a more general talk about exciting open questions in high energy physics. The talks were recorded, so they should be online at some point.

3 thoughts on “Four Gravitons in China

  1. Thoglu

    Freddy Cachazo was not there, no? Do you maybe know what he is working on at the moment? Hist last paper was, and I found it very interesting, but in 2016 there were nearly no appearances in conferences I could find him in .. maybe I did not look close enough.


    1. 4gravitonsandagradstudent Post author

      Freddy hasn’t been traveling a lot this year. If you’re interested in that paper in particular, Guojun talked about it at the conference. I’ve been working with Freddy on something related to Q-cuts, but I haven’t been keeping up with what he’s working on with his students at the moment.



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